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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Regular dental checkups

Your pet needs dental care -regular professional care from your veterinarian - as well as care at home from you. Scheduling regular veterinary checkups is essential in helping us monitor the progress of your best friend’s dental health. Please do not wait until the annual checkup if you suspect a problem!
There are many products available that are proven to work over time, such as water additives, treats, etc. We do not recommend hard treats such as real bones, hard plastic bones, or cow hooves as they can actually break the teeth. Please contact us to schedule a thorough dental examination. Prevention of periodontal disease will do more to lengthen your best friend’s life, make it more enjoyable, and they will love you even more!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Poor oral health in dogs and cats...

can cause serious health problems in addition to painful tooth loss or gum disease.  The buildup of plaque and tartar in a pet’s mouth can cause periodontal disease, an infection that affects nearly 80% of all dogs and cats by age three. Foul breath and yellow-brown teeth are not only unappealing, they could indicate a serious gum disease. Periodontal disease starts as bacteria and plaque on teeth and progresses into a disease that can cause tooth decay, bleeding gums, tooth loss, and even damage to the heart and other internal organs.