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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Forever remembered, forever loved, forever in our hearts... Rest in Peace Orion.

In honor of Orion (one of our Housecats who we lost to kidney disease), we are going to have special pricing on kidney screenings for the next month. In July 2010, we did a urinalysis on Orion and noticed some abnormalities. We were able to help him with supplements and changing his diet. There were no changes in his blood work until June 2011. Since we were able to catch the disease early, we still maintained his quality of life with the supplements, diet and fluid therapy.
Often the symptoms are not seen until the later stages, when up to 75% of the kidneys have already been affected. We feel it is very important to run a urinalysis and small blood panel to both diagnose kidney failure and monitor its progress. These tests help determine whether internal organs, such as the kidneys and liver, are functioning normally. Please contact our office at 407-366-4486, or via email, to set up your appointment with the technician to collect the urine and blood sample. If there are any other concerns you would like the doctors to address, we can set a separate appointment.