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Friday, August 24, 2012

Is your pet prepared for hurricane season?

While it looks like Hurricane Isaac will avoid us, there are many things that need to be considered. When making your plans for the hurricane season, make sure to include your pet. If a hurricane were to come, there are certain supplies you would need to have set aside for your animals. Pet owners must plan ahead in case of evacuation because many public shelters will not accept pets. If your pet does not have a microchip already, now would be a perfect time to have it done.

Pet Hurricane Supply Kit
Proper identification including immunization records
All medications and a first aid kit
Specific care instructions and emergency phone numbers
At least one sturdy leash and collar (with tags)
Plenty of food and water (2 week supply)
Manual can opener, spoon, and bowls
A carrier or cage
Treats and toys
Waste removal bags/litter box
Take pictures of you with your pets and keep them with you for identification purposes Waste removal bags and a flashlight